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Venison Quest

Currently under development, Venison Quest will be a fun and fast way to learn about Native American history in a top-down, 2D arcade-style game for mobile Android devices and Windows.

10% of the sales of Venison Quest will be donated to the Native History Association, a non-profit organization that promotes Native American history. Click here to visit the Native History Association web site.

Game Details

Level 1: Tend The Garden

Screen Shot: Tending The Garden

The first level takes place in a small family farmstead where the player uses a flint hoe to weed a "three sisters garden" planted with corn, beans, and squash, while chasing away a flock of crows determined to steal as much corn as they can get their beaks on. The player moves through the garden and swipes weeds to remove them, while trying not to trample the hills of corn, beans, and squash. The player has a certain amount of time to clear the weeds before they start to grow back. If the crows steal more than 4 ears of corn or if more than 2 corn plants are trampled before all the weeds are removed, the player has to restart the level.

Level 2: Burn Off

Screen Shot: Burning Off The Forest

The second level also takes place at the family farmstead, where the player must burn off the brush in the forest across the creek to maintain an attractive environment for game animals, while at the same time preventing the fire from spreading to the farmstead.

The player has a torch to start fires and a hide blanket to put them out. When the brush is set on fire, the fire spreads to other brush and can jump across the creek to the grass and river cane on the other side. When that happens, the player uses the hide blanket to extinguish the grass and cane. If the fire reaches the player's house or the garden, the player has to restart the level.

Getting too close to a fire causes the player's health level to drop. If it gets too low the player passes out and has to restart the level, but a deer bladder canteen can be equipped and filled with water from the creek to restore the player's health when needed.

Level 3: Deer Hunt

Screen Shot: Hunting Deer

The player goes on a hunting trip to provide venison for family and community, stalking the deer through the forest with a bow and arrow. The player has 7 arrows and can take up to 5 deer.

The bow has an effective range defined by the white circle, and a deer must be in range to be killed by a clean shot. The deer can't spot the player until it's inside the range circle, giving the player a chance to sneak up on the deer, but once inside the circle the deer becomes alert to the player's presence and runs away. The deer then is able to spot the player while outside the range circle, making it very difficult to get a clean shot within the effective range.

A deer can be shot while outside the effective range, but when this happens the deer becomes alert and starts to bleed as it runs. If a deer bleeds to death before the player can take it with a clean shot it's considered lost and the player's score is penalized. If more than 2 deer are lost the player has to restart the level.

The player can hide in the grass and behind tree trunks where the deer can't see, but the tree branches are home to crows that kaw when they spot the player. If a deer is nearby and hears the crow's call, it becomes alert to the player's presence. Timber rattler's also inhabit the grass at random locations, becoming visible as the player approaches. If the player gets too close to a snake and gets bit, the level has to be restarted.

Level 4: Play Chunkey

The three levels described above are already finished and playable. I plan to add a 4th level based on the Native game called "Chunkey", which was popular in the southeast. Chunkey involved throwing a spear at a rolling stone disk. This level will be set in a Native town and played on a chunkey yard, or plaza, in front of a large platform mound. The level might look something like this in a zoomed out view:

Native Town - Top Down View

The screen shot above shows the thatched roofs of houses and corn cribs surrounding a central platform mound and plaza. Alternatively, I may set this level up to be played from side-view, with a background that emphasizes the look and size of the houses and the platform mound.

Native Town - Side View

Historical Background Of The Game