Uktena Game Features

The Game

The player begins the game as a young warrior, starting out at his family's small farmstead helping his relatives complete various farm tasks and chores. As he gains experience he'll have the opportunity to accept more challenging tasks.

As the story unfolds the character travels to larger villages and towns, and eventually to a walled city, across a landscape representing a world that's lost to us now, allowing the player to experience what it might have been like to live in that world. The character also journeys to the Underworld of caves and the deep places below the surface of rivers and streams, encountering supernatural beings, some benign and some malevolent.


The game has most of the features associated with a role-playing game:

  • Quests - The player's character talks to non-playing characters (NPC's) to get quests, and doing quests and other actions increases the character's experience.

  • XP (Experience) - As the character gains experience he levels up, increasing his skills and abilities.

  • Skills and Stats - The character has a pool of stat points that accrues as he levels up and the player can use these stat points to choose which skills to enhance.

  • Items and Inventory - The player acquires a variety of usable items such as food, weapons, and clothing from quest rewards, harvesting natural resources, looting, and from random finds, and has an inventory for storing and managing game items.

  • Combat - The character engages in melee, ranged, and spell casting combat with enemies, which include human, animal, and supernatural NPC's.

  • Navigation - The player navigates the game world using a compass and area maps, and can freely explore the game world.

  • In-Game Help and Tool Tips - Uktena uses standard keyboard and mouse controls. Anyone who plays PC games should find it to be pretty much pick up and play and those unfamiliar with this type of game should be able to learn quickly using the in-game help and interface tool-tips.